God's Precious Jewels

Where a girl can grow strong in her faith in God

 Our Mission

Our mission is to teach girls about our Lord and Savior while at the same time having fun.We hope to accomplish helping girls grow better in their relationship with God, and we want them to learn more about Jesus, and have a fun, and good place to spend time online.

                                                                                                        Our History

A few years ago I (Beth) was reading a magazine when I got the idea to make my own. With help from my mother I created a name. Precious Jewels. The magazine was designed to teach Christian morals as well as good, clean fun. After making some of these I now had the idea to publish it on the web. So I have. Now not just girls I know but any girls who stumble across this site can learn the truth, while at the same time enjoying themselves. You can read about the staff  below. I hope that this site draws you closer to God!


The Creator - Beth (Bethyhope96) 

Name: Bethany

 Age: 15                                                                                                                  

 I am a Christian girl, and my first goal in life is to serve God. I have many hobbies, which include: writing stories/books/fanfiction, reading, acting, film making, drawing, singing, and probably many more. I am the youngest of five kidsI would love to be a friend to all on this site.


Katelyn (Kay Kay)

 Name: Katelyn/Kay Kay


 Job on GPJ: Site header designer

Hi everyone I'm Katelyn but you can call me Kay Kay. I was introduced to this site by my cousin who happens to be the site owner when she asked me to be a staffer. I am originally from South Carolina but my mom became a travel nurse, now we have been moving around the U.S for about 2 years but SC will always be home. i love playing sports, drawing, singing (even though i cant), talking and going for walks. I am definitely NOT shy. I am 2nd to youngest out of 6 kids. I am very friendly, loving, outgoing, i love to make people laugh and I am  very unpredictable. I am looking forward to getting to know you all!!! 


 Name: Sarah

 Job on GPJ: Our joker. 

 Sarah is fourteen, and is going to be doing the joke page soon. Can't wait till you get started Sarah!


 Name: Britt
 Age: 14
I'm 13 yrs old, with 4 brothers and 1 sister...I have 2 great parents who love the Lord, I love them very much...I live in Florida, and I homeschool...I have brown hair and hazel eyes I'm not very tall, lol, but that's ok, that's how God made me...My birthday is in May along with one of my brothers, my mom and dad...My oldest brothers name is Aaron and he is 15, Then my lil brother is Jordan age 7, Gideon age 6, Elijah age 4, and then my lil sis Brianna-Kay age 1. Well, this a  lil about me!!!

God Bless


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