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 Welcome to God's Precious Jewels, a website for Christian girls. Please check everything out, and may God bless you today!

Updates: There's a new Devotional by Courtney, our new devotion writer, so head over there to read it!


12/6/11 New news! Kelsey has joined the site! *Everyone applauds*

12/4/11 It has been quite awhile since any real updates have been added, and we will be trying to fix that! The jokes and riddles page has been updated at last, and we have many new members! Jemima, Laurens loves you, xxBulletSoulxx, Morgan, and Katelyn, thank you all for joining! Also, there is a short poem by Morgan in the Reading Room, so check it out! 

2/15/11 There is a new voting poll, on the sidebar. I'm thinking of having contests, and want everyone to vote. Thanks. Oh, and I'd like to thank our new member, Brynn for joining the site!

9/28/2010 Well, the voting poll is about to be taken off. Here are the results: Purple- 1 vote Blue- 5 votes Aqua- 7. Which means aqua will be the new color scheme for GPJ! Too bad for us blues, but oh well. Also, I'm just going to go right ahead and post the riddle answer. This person wasn't the only one in the Bible to not have a father, and he actually did have a father. It's Joshua, the son of Nun! Get it? Nun, like none? Tee hee. Okay, I'm done.

 9/20/10 I posted the answer to the riddle early. It may surprise you guys! Remember to think outside the box on these things. I think they're supposed to be funny. Also a new riddle is posted, and the answer isn't technically true, it's just funny. So there's a hint. Also, Sarah is now a staff member, and Britt has been posting on the blog. She now has a little quiz thing to fill out, so be sure to do it! Yay! So visit the site for more updates, and remember to visit the forums!

9/12/2010 Britt is now a staff member.You can check out all the staff pages under About Us. Britt will be mostly taking over the blog for me. She's already posted an entry, so you can check it out. The answer to the Heaven's door riddle was answered, plus a new one was posted. And a new joke! Go and see! I also posted a blog entry. Also, very important. Right under the chat box is a poll. Please answer it. Your opinions are important! More soon.

 8/10/10 A page has been added on the About Us page for our new staff member. We now have a FAQ page. We now have a reading room where you can read stories and poems. We now have a site page where our members, testimonies, prayer requests pages were moved to.

 8-7-10 Kay Kay is now a staff member.

8/6/10 A new Devotional is posted! Check it out, it's the second installment of Psalms 1 devotions. Also, we now have a total of ten members, including myself. Please let your friends know about this site, and let me know any ideas you may have for improvement.

 7/9/10 A new Devotional is posted, and I shall try to work on he site more frequently. We now have five members, not including me, and I would like to thank everyone who joined. I would also like some staff if anyone would like to be involved. I will be posting questions for you to fill out. For now, let's pray that this site will be a blessing to girls all over.


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